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Hi, I’m Terry from Mr. LockSmith. I am looking for a franchisee for Mr. LockSmith Abbotsford. So for Abbotsford, British Columbia. Locksmithing has been absolutely fantastic for me. I raised my family, I’ve had a nice life, I’ve had nice vacations, and it’s all because of locksmithing. Whether we got a good economy, bad economy, we still make money as locksmiths. And unfortunately, even during COVID, we had so many break-ins at night in the city, or everywhere, it was just break-ins like crazy, and mostly commercial break-ins. We still survived COVID, and we still doing well before, during, and after. It hit us a little bit, there’s no denying that, but we recovered pretty quick.

More importantly, the training program teaches you how to become a businessperson. How to become a locksmith and make money. For-profit is not a bad word. We want to be successful, we wanna drive nice service vehicles, we wanna have nice tools, we wanna have a nice life, and nice vacations, and raise our family, so we have to become profitable. We don’t treat this as a hobby, it’s a skilled trade. We keep care of the training, but more importantly, the training teaches you how to become a businessman, or a businessperson, because we will have to make money. It is really important that you not only become a good locksmith, but you also become a good businessperson.

Being a locksmith is great. My grandfather was a locksmith, my father, my uncle. I had some of the best training in the world through family, and I’ve done lots of courses. Even now, I still take courses. A lot of manufacturers have good courses. So what I’ve done is I’ve looked at how we make money, and what’s the best products to sell, what’s the best services to offer.

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Our marketing, your website, your online presence, we keep care of all of that. I have highly qualified staff that have one purpose is to keep the social media up there, our YouTube channel is doing fantastic, and you know what, that YouTube channel is extremely good to help you make money with your clients. So our YouTube channel is strong, we have a lot of videos, a lot of views, well over a hundred years of watched video on our YouTube channel. And more importantly, those YouTube videos are advertising for your company, for Mr. LockSmith, and also they’re on your website. I love locksmithing, it’s been good for my life. I have very successful Mr. LockSmiths, they’re very happy, and we’ve done extremely well. It’s a brand new territory for us, we’re looking for a franchisee. Give me a call, give me an email, and we can talk about how you can become a locksmith and join our team at Mr. LockSmith Abbotsford.

Call Terry at Mr. Locksmith Abbotsford(604) 200-8622 or email [email protected]


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