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Keyless Lock New WestminsterTired of carrying around a giant ring of keys? Are you sick of losing, forgetting, or having to make extra keys time and time again? You are about ready for a keyless electronic security product. Having a keyless lock or deadbolt installed is super easy, and convenient. Most times it can be installed with little to no door adjustments. Keyless deadbolts allow you to freely add, change, or delete user codes in a matter of seconds, while the innovative Turn Lock feature allows you to lock & leave without a key

Keyless lock:

  • Provides the convenience of keyless access; customizable to fit your security needs
  • Ideal for front doors, side & back doors, garage entry doors, etc.
  • Easily replace most existing deadbolts in about 30 minutes
  • Easily instruction guide on how to reprogram access codes.
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 Certified
  • Fits standard door prep
  • Easy installation, no need to run wires
  • Battery operated with over 3 year battery life

Mr. Locksmith has keyless entry systems for every budget.

For our business clientele we have commercial grade high-security keyless entry, capable of programing dozens of access codes on a timetable schedule, all built around your master code.

  • Each employee can have an access code which is activated during specific times of the day. This means that your employee’s code will be disabled after hours and during days off. All uses of their code are catalogued for your analysis.
  • Easy programming and access to hundreds of codes means you can quickly grant temporary access.
  • Master code system means you will never be locked out or overridden.

For our residential clients we carry UL listed residential deadbolts in a keyless entry system.

  • Easy reprogrammed should you ever need to change your password
  • Keyless entry systems are just as secure as regular deadbolts, but with the added convenience of not having to carry keys around.
  • Your home is more secure by removing the threat of lost keys.


Not all keyless entry systems are secure. Some keyless systems have sacrificed security for the sake of convenience. As a result, certain brands of keyless entry and keyless door locks are especially vulnerable to forced entry and targeted attacks. Mr. Locksmith technicians are experts in the field of keyless entry. We are informed and experienced with all forms of keyless door hardware. Consult our locksmiths before you decide which keyless entry system is right for you.

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Keyless lock features & benefits:

Convenient keyless access:

– Customizable to fit your personal access and security needs;
– Suitable for front, side & back doors as well as garage entry doors, etc;
– Replacement time usually around 30 minutes;
– Simple instructions to reprogram access codes;
– ANSI/BHMA Grade 1-2 Certified;
– Fits standard door openings;
– Straightforward installation – no wires;
– Battery-operated system with 3 year battery life;
– Flexible to your budget;

For business customers there are commercial-level keyless entry systems which enable the use of dozens of access codes programmed to a timetable and linked to your master code;
Employees can be assigned individual access codes which can be activated for particular times of day or night and disabled when they are not scheduled to use them. The system will automatically provide records of their use times and frequency for your analysis;

Hundreds of accessible codes plus ease of programming means you can grant temporary access swiftly and simply;
Having a master code means you can never lock yourself out or be over-ridden.

We offer a range of UL listed residential deadbolts for residential clients wanting a keyless access system:

– All systems are easily reprogrammed if you want to change your passcode.
– As secure as any standard deadbolt system and with the convenience and added security of not having keys to carry around, lose or have stolen.

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I lost my keys home and mail box. I had him install a key less entry system which is fabulous! The mail box was a challenge he was able to replace. He did an awesome job friendly, prompt, professional. Definitely would recommend. Randall is five star!

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Randall arrived in 15 minutes, which was a huge relief. It was after 9pm and we needed help urgently.

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Randall is great! This is the second time we've used his services and both times he is very accommodating and professional! He is knowledgeable and we would definitely recommend him.

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