How to Fix a Sticky Lock

How To Fix a Sticky Lock New Westminster: If you have a sticky lock, whether it’s on your house, your business, a padlock, or your car door, a car ignition is different, if you have a sticky lock, there is a couple of solutions you can do.

How To Fix a Sticky Lock New Westminster

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Never, never put oil, or linseed oil, or motor oil, or sewing machine oil, or even graphite. Graphite, do not put that into your lock. Now, WD-40 is penetrating oil. It’s fantastic for getting a sticky lock unstuck but is not a lubricant.

My favorite for a lock is Tri-Flow, just love this stuff. Put a little spray, it does not take a lot, just put a little spray into your lock and it will be fantastic. Or now you know Lock Saver, there’s Houdini. I don’t have any Houdini handy, but this is my go-to is Tri-Flow. So again, WD-40 for sticky locks. It will unstick it, but it’s not gonna lubricate it. Tri-Flow will lubricate the lock perfectly.

Do not use graphite, graphite is bad for you. It’s not good for the locks. It’s an old way of lubricating locks, don’t do it. So go to Tri-Flow. If the lubricant does not work, it could because your key is old and worn, especially on cars we find that a lot. So cutting you a brand new key to factory code, the lock usually works perfectly after that. So it could be a worn key. Your lock could be worn and the lubricant may be a temporary fix, but it is not going to fix the problem. You have an old lock on your door or the padlock’s old, it’s worn out, you need a new lock. And sometimes, especially with the Honda ignitions, the high security, sometimes the ignition needs to be, the parts, replaced, and you would need a new key because those things just seem to wear out.

How to Fix a Sticky lock
How to Fix a Sticky lock New Westminster

The other issue could be that the door is sticking. So it could be the hinges are dropping, or what really happens, with the change of weather, is the latch, or the deadbolt specifically, is not lined up anymore with the hole. So I have a few more videos on how to fix that. But the way to see if it is the problem is the door frame is open the door and does the key work the lock perfectly? So if the door is open and you can turn the lock perfectly and then when you close the door and it does not lock, then the problem is with your door frame. However, if you open the door, try the key, and it’s still jammed, then the problem is your door.

Locked Out because of a Sticky Lock?

In conclusion, do not use WD-40, oil, linseed oil and do not use sewing machine oil. WD-40 is, a penetrating oil, it’s good but it is not going to lubricate your lock. Use a Lubricant that is meant for locks, Tri-Flow is my favorite. Lock Saver and Houdini are good.

If you have any recommendations, put it at the bottom. So this will help you with sticky locks.

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How to Fix a Sticky Lock
How to Fix a Sticky Lock New Westminster

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