Honda High Security Door Repair | Mr. Locksmith Video

Honda High Security Door Repair | Mr. Locksmith Video

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2007 Honda Fit Sidewinder Door Lock Repair. Recently, Randy from Mr. Locksmith Automotive was called to service a customer with his Honda key stuck in the door lock of his 2007 Honda Fit.

Honda door lock and Ignition lock failures are a very common problem with all newer Honda High Security or Sidewinder locks.
The drivers door lock usually starts to stick and is hard to open and the key is hard to insert or remove from the door lock. Sometimes the key will get stuck or broken in the door lock. Lubricating the door lock will not help because the wafers inside the lock are bending and failing. In most cases, Mr. Locksmith rekeys or repairs the lock and this should fix the problem.

In some cases the Honda Ignition key has worn prematurely and we just make a new factory key by code and reprogram the new key into the car.

Most of the newer Honda ignitions are susceptible to the same design flaw and the ignition wafers wear prematurely causing the lock to fail to turn or having the ignition key stuck in the lock. Again, Mr. Locksmtih Automotive repairs the lock and you should have no further problems with ignition failure.

Recall: Honda Sidewinder or Honda High Security door lock and ignition failures you would think they would have a recall or even a class action lawsuit against Honda similar to General Motors recent court settlements. To date, no faulty Honda door locks or Honda ignition recalls.

Class Action Lawsuit: Honda did recently settle agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit that alleges the 2007-2011 Honda CR-V door lock actuator had a defect the automaker hid from consumers. However, no class action suit to date for faulty Honda door locks or Honda ignitions.

Mr. Locksmith Automotive we regularly repair or replace Honda door locks and ignitions. Call Randy at Mr. Locksmith Automotive for an exact quote to fix your Honda locks (604) 259-7617

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