Ask Mr Locksmith | Can you copy do not duplicate keys?

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Ask Mr Locksmith | Can you copy do not duplicate keys?

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Ask Mr. Locksmith: Today’s question is a good one “Is it illegal to make a key or duplicate a key that says do not copy?  In most cases no! Here is the problem they stamp “do not not copy” or “do not duplicate” on common keys. You know Kwikset key, one of the most common keys out there and I have seen “do not copy” stamped on it.  Sometimes there are regulations as a locksmith shop sometimes if it says “do not copy” or “do not duplicate” and it’s just a common key. We just have a form you fill out which shows your id saying that you are allowed to have that key cut.

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Now if we have some high security keys and they usually have patents and what you do the locksmith has a contract with the manufacturer not to cut keys or he’ll lose his contract. The locksmith can be fined so that key because there is a patent. You have key control so you don’t have to “do not copy” on that because no locksmith will cut a high security key that he has the potential to lose his license or his ability to sell that key. Restricted high security keys are covered by a patent and usually covered by a contract between the manufacturer and the locksmith company.

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If you have a high security Medico, Multi-Lock, Abloy, etc. require a special machine to cut High Security keys. Your average corner hardware store or your shoe store cannot usually cannot cut a high security key because he doesn’t have the contract with the supplier to buy the key blanks. If he did and you are not his customer and you have don’t have signing authority they are not going to cut it. But to ask is it illegal no.  However, where I live there is legislation that it says “do not copy” we are supposed to get identification saying they can have it duplicated.  Restricted keys requires either you are a key card holder that you can get that key or you are registered to get keys from that system.

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It is only from the locksmith that sold you that system and this protects the high schools, Universities, businesses, etc. that they can get a key that is patented. Key control that you can’t get copied. Is it is it illegal no! Is against the rules of your contract with your manufacturer? Yes it is and that is going to be your biggest penalty for a real locksmith is not going to cut that key at all. Because it doesn’t want to put in jeopardy his ability to buy more of those keys. I hope I answered your question. If you have any questions just put it in the comments. I read the comments. If I see a good one or something that’s interesting I will most likely make a future video. Put it in the comment section. I hope you enjoyed this video have a good day.

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Technically speaking, yes, it is possible to copy a key that says “do not duplicate” on it. However, doing so may be illegal and can result in consequences such as fines or legal action. It’s important to note that “do not duplicate” keys are typically intended to be used as a deterrent to prevent unauthorized key duplication, rather than a foolproof way of preventing it. In some cases, locksmiths and key makers may refuse to copy “do not duplicate” keys out of respect for the original key holder’s wishes or to avoid any potential legal issues. If you need a duplicate of a “do not duplicate” key, it’s best to consult with the original key holder or seek professional advice from a reputable locksmith.

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Ask Mr Locksmith | Can you copy do not duplicate keys?
Ask Mr Locksmith | Can you copy do not duplicate keys?

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